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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Pizza | An American Favorite!

The food item for the moment (probably because last night was Friday)

Coming from Long Island, NY living there for 40 years I like many natives was spoiled with hundreds of good to great pizza parlors within a short drive.
With that said, pizza was a favorite quick meal and midday snack for me.
My goal here is to gather up some great pizza recipes and cooking techniques. I'll add them as time goes by...

Mitch's Basic Pizza Dough- I think Mitch found the right combination! Maybe it's the touch of honey?

BLT Pizza Recipe- OK now... Where's the mayonnaise? I had to share this recipe because who doesn't like BLT'S?

Jeff Varasano's New York Pizza Recipe- If there ever was a website that truly describes the delicate science of making pizza this is it. Jeff boasts his pie crusts are "incredibly light and perfectly charred".

Fogazzo’s Favorite Pizza Dough Recipes- "Whadts da matta show me da dough". Nice recipe collection of various types of pizza dough.

True (sad) story... I moved to the south 10 years ago and ordered my first large pie over the phone. The young lady on the other end perplexedly answered politely, "we don't sell pie here sir". I quickly realized how far I was from Long Island. I answered with a twisted grin and corrected myself and said, "Sorry... I meant pizza". None the less if it's not called pie there must be a reason. I gave most of it to the dog.

Pizza Videos | WARNING: Not responsible for your wet keyboard.

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